My First Paycheck

I received my first paycheck December 6th. What a great feeling!!! I am having so much fun working and it is great interacting with the kids. My job coach, Shannon, has been assisting me and we are getting along great.



  1. And I have a picture of you, your boss, Pam, and your paycheck! :0) Want you to know that you getting your first paycheck is something all of us at ENSO celebrate! We are very excited about your paid job and that you are a wonderful teacher to the kids who get to listen to your wonderful stories! I’m also so happy that you and Shannon are getting along great!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Katherine Titus says

    WAY TO GO ANDREA!!!! 🙂

  3. Andrea Swesnon says

    Jeanne, this is all due to your hard work over a long time. I want to thank you and ENSO for all you have done for me in making my dreams come true!