Strides Magazine Book Review

Strides Magazine is published by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship organization. In the Summer 2015 issue, which recently came out, they included a review of my book.

Book End

Barn Dance 2015

Free Rein is gearing up for their 2015 Barn Dance fund raiser. This year it is going to be at Spokane Community College on Friday March 20th in the evening. They are busy getting donations for the silent and oral auctions. If anyone has any ideas for auction items, just let us know. Mom and I are on the planning committee and will be working with my riding partner, Grace and her mom Lynn, on drinks.

Fun at Auntie’s


Saturday the 20th of December was my book reading at Auntie’s. I had a great time. Jess at Auntie’s was a great help and I want to thank all my friends and family that were able to come. My Grandpa and Grandma Weber, Aunt Janet, and my brother Paul and his family were all there; along with some good friends, Free Rein and Guild School friends and a past teacher. It was a great success! If anyone is in Auntie’s, they will be able to purchase my book there.

Off for Copyrighting

Yesterday, I sent my book to the government to get a copyright; via  the internet. We were a little computer challenged but managed to get it there with the help of Russ from Graydog Publishing. We are hoping that this process will not take 3 to 5 months, which they are showing that it could.

I have also been working with Jeanne at Enso on a business plan; so things are moving along, sometimes slower than I would like.