Today, we met with Russ Davis at Gray Dog Press and ordered the first printing of MY BOOK!  He anticipated it taking only about a week or a little more to get them published. Now the real work starts. Setting up my website to sell books, and getting them out to the public.

Doing business as: ANDREA’S STORIES

Andrea’s Stories is now licensed to do business in the City of Spokane!!!!!  This is pretty exciting.  We are also continuing to work on my Business Plan (which is a lot of work). My goal for getting my book published is around the first of June so that we will have it for the open house at Free Rein.

2nd Draft

Last Thursday dad, mom and I went by Russ Davis’ office and picked up another draft of my book. It looks really great. We are all doing the second editing. Things are moving along!


My first meeting with publisher, Russ Davis, mom and Tim Foster

My first meeting with publisher, Russ Davis, mom and Tim Foster


Russ Davis from Gray Dog Press here in Spokane has been working on my book. He cleaned up the text and some of the pictures, and it is looking GOOD! He has worked up another draft for us to review  and my dream of being a published author seems to be getting closer!


Exciting news to share! I am meeting with my team and the publisher in Spokane who has agreed to help me self-publish my book tomorrow afternoon. We are taking him some additional pictures and some final changes to the draft that he printed for me. I am sooo excited to be getting closer to being a published author!!!

A-Team Meets Again

When I first started my adventure into the work world, I put together a team of professionals (family and friends) to brainstorm  and assist me in planning the future. It has been several years since the A-Team (Andrea’s Team)  has been together, but this Tuesday we are meeting again to discuss my book. A local publisher has put together a bound copy for me. My dream of being a published author is getting closer.

Presentation to Community Images Students

On May 29th, I had the opportunity to read my book to the students in the Community Images Program at Spokane Community College. I was a student in this program for two years. It was so fun to go and see my teachers, Ms. Shank, Mrs. Coast and Ms Liz. I shared with their students the importance of having a goal and striving to achieve it.

Off to Publishers

I am sooo excited to tell everyone that my manuscript is on its way to four different publishers. Now I just have to wait to get word back from them.

Guild School Board of Directors

Tuesday night, April 17th, I was invited to read my book at the Spokane Guild School Board of Directors meeting by Dick Boysen, the director of the school.  Everyone enjoyed my book very much and Dick shared a story of when I was attending the school.

Reading My Book

Friday I am going to a social get together of my Spokane Valley Heroes Group. It is for young adults with disabilities. We are having a talent show this month; and I am going to read my book in front of an audience for the very first time!