Spring Session Has Started

Friday,  February 28th, we started our ‘spring session’ of therapeutic riding. Chester and I had a great ride and joining us was my friend, Grace; and her horse, Whistle. We even had a chance to ride outside on the snowy trail. The riders that were scheduled for Saturday, didn’t  have the same luck as we did; because the temperature took a turn for the worse causing their classes to be cancelled. Chester thinks spring is coming  because he is SHEDDING.  My side walker, Susan, carries a hanky to wipe my nose when it runs in this cold weather; and when she wiped my nose she got Chester hair on my face. Then trying to remove that with her hairy gloves was a challenge. It was pretty funny!


  1. Jeanne Loy says:

    Oh my!!! Your face must have felt funny with horse hair all over it! Thanks for this newsy post…it is fun to hear about your riding with Chester!

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