My A-Team


Here I am at Auntie’s after my successful book reading with an incredible ‘A-Team’. Jeanne (far right) has been working with me since graduating from Images and has never given up on my dream of being a storybook reader to kids. She is responsible for my working at Rainbow Connection Daycare and Parkview Daycare. Katie (far left) is my job coach and works with me at Parkview Daycare. She is also pretty good at computer stuff. And Tim is my idea man. He is the one that asked me about 4 years ago, if I had ever considered writing a¬†book. Here I am now, a published author, reading my first book at Auntie’s. Dreams really do come true!


  1. Jeanne Loy says:

    We THANK YOU ANDREA, AND YOUR FAMILY for making it possible for us to be a part of your dream and making it a reality! We look forward to the events of 2015 and the kids, of course, look forward to all of the wonderful stories you will bring to them!

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